Solomon's Temple

Kings, Chapter 9

8 And at this house, which is high, every one that passeth by it shall be astonished, and shall hiss; and they shall say, Why hath the Lord adone thus unto this land, and to this house?


Solomon Temple

Petra (Greek Πέτρα Petra, meaning "stone)


House of Pharaoh

House of Pharaoh's daughter in the Old Testament and also Petra


Petra religious temple

Petra, the religious temple

Gamal Abdelaziz,

Author and Historian



Upon reviewing the book “Prophets of God in History,” by Mr. Hesham Taher, I was intrigued by his brilliant pairing of what is deemed ‘historical’ and what is deemed ‘mythological or religious perspectives.’ The science of history has its own basics, foundations and methodologies to conform to, that the author heeded to unequivocally specify the values of “time” and “place” of events and their “actors,” as best as he possibly could. He identifies with these parameters utilizing the sequence of events and their repercussions on the laws controlling them. These are not essential in the study of mythologies or religions. In such cases, time and place are not as important as extracting the lessons and wisdom of virtuous behavior. Thus, history and mythology or religion partake different paths as they recount events. In fact, they have different objectives and consequently it is inappropriate to compare them from the perspective of purpose, or from the perspective of their correctness. However, this does not preclude the author from drawing inspiration of what myths and religion reveal of history and in expanding its horizon, provided they conform to science and logic. The contrary to that is untrue. It is impossible to affirm or describe a historical event from the content of myth or religion. The substance of this book is undoubtedly a refreshing adventure towards attempting to illuminate the horizon of our understanding of history, mythology and religion. 







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Hesham Taher

As a lawyer for more than 10 years, I had the ability and the capability to investigate about cases to find out the truth, during my career I was thinking about the presence of religious personalities in general history as a hobby, and as a result, I could not find any writers or researchers talking about this subject, since then I took the initiative to do my own research (God’s Prophets in General History) based on the specific events happened for personalities in religious history and trying to find out personalities in general history that had similar events and then compare them to see if they match each other.
 In my book the comparison was based on logical proves and evident that most historians agree with it, then the demonstration of analyzing can be understandable and clear as much as possible.
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