About The Book


The Book title is "God’s Prophets in General History", is more than 300 pages single-space typed History/Religion. It is about religious value based on proven facts to enlighten certain misconceptions regarding the Judeo-Christian heritage and the alternative names of the Prophets of the three celestial religions starting from Abraham to Jesus Christ.
This book consists of six chapters that were carefully written to explain and answer some important questions related to events in history. While reading this book, you will notice that all important incidents are mentioned in history and also in religion books, even though there are major differences in both of these categories, One of the interesting chapters is chapter three. It talks about the Greek gods and the corresponding prophets of God:

here's some major comparaisons,

1 - Zeus and the Egyptian Amun VS the Prophet Abraham
2 - Hera VS the Prophet Abraham's wife, Sarah
3 - Hephaestus the Greek God of fire VS the Prophet Lot
4 - Apollo VS the prophet Aaron
5 - Dionysus the Greek God of win VS the prophet Isaac
6 - Sinai, the holly land VS the place where God spoke with Moses, Palls Athena
7 - Hestia VS the sacred fire that was in God's encounter with Moses 

And other more comparaisons