Alternative Names

Philp's Star in General History and David's star in Religious History


Philip Star

Philip's Star in Church of Nativity


Helias Sun's God

Helias, The God of Sun in Jewsh temple 


Mary and Jesus

Mary and jesus(left), Cleopatra and cesarion (right)


Alexander and shebaqueen of amazonia

 Alexander The great and The Queen of Amazone (Sheba)


Alexander the great and Queen of sheba

 The Place where Alexander the Great met the Queen of Amazone


Theves, Urshaleem

2) Acts 19:21
And when these things expired, put Paul in himself that after he passed through Macedonia and Achaia, to go to Jerusalem, saying: «I am what I am becoming there should also see Romans

In the Verse above, Paul the Apostle mention that Jerusalem and Thevas are the same.


 Lot People and Place

 The Place where People of Lot were punished(north west of Saudia Arabia)